Do you need custom lamps to furnish your spaces?

We design and manufacture all types of metal, glass, wood and fabric lighting fixtures. We offer you the latest technologies for the lowest consumption in order to guarantee an efficient, trendy product at the best price.

We use exclusively Made in Italy materials for your rooms. We pay particular attention to listening to your needs for a result that reflects your expectations.

Give light and warmth to your spaces

MIIC is the result of decades of experience dedicated to lighting supplies. We work with the most prestigious Interior Design companies to develop prestigious, tailored and top-performing collections.

For hotels and accommodation facilities

Lighting in hotel facilities plays a fundamental role in welcoming guests, giving a positive experience and giving the rooms a comfortable atmosphere. We offer for all accommodations products, in line with a refined style and destined to last over time thanks to the high quality of the materials. In order to illuminate all living spaces it is important to consider the intended use of each room, the size, natural light, colors and type of furniture. To enhance every space and illuminate every environment in a dynamic way, we offer flexible solutions to express all the light nuances.

For commercial activities and offices

Lighting up commercial spaces means combining aesthetic elements with energy saving needs, especially in large rooms. We create the right light giving importance to the products offered and favoring purchases. We offer harmonic results aimed at creating optimal working conditions.

Why choose us

Quality Made in Italy

All our products are designed and manufactured completely in Italy. Craftsmanship is our distinctive trait, from the choice of materials to sampling, from the design of each single element to the realization.

Flexibility and dynamism

We respond quickly to requests of any kind. The widespread organization of work allows us to offer efficient and fast solutions, always verified by a constant control of the different processes. We also offer our availability to inspections.

Excellence in all aspects

From the design to the development of the prototype, from the realization to the storage we transform our customers’ ideas into real objects. We combine reliability and aesthetic requirements with competitive prices. Our products are certified for the countries where they will be installed.

The projects that represent us

Hotel Andermatt

Canouan Island

is located in the Caribbean, just 20 minutes from the Barbados islands.

Sheraton Annaba

The hotel strategically located in the heart of the city of Annaba wants to become the symbol of the modernity of a place in strong development and expansion.

NH Collection Venezia Palazzo Barocci

The NH Collection Venezia Palazzo Barocci hotel is an ancient palace, built in 1890, which boasts cutting-edge facilities, as well as one of the best locations in the city. The hotel overlooks the Grand Canal and the Rialto Bridge and has a private dock.

Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna

The five-star superior hotel Palais Hansen Kempinski is located in Schottenring, on the famous Ring Boulevard. Originally built as a hotel for the 1873 Universal Exposition, this palace is fascinating with its contemporary design, luxury and modern architecture.

Marriott Constantine

The Marriott Constantine Hotel offers an ideal location, close to the Oued Rhumel River and the Cirta Museum, perfect all travelers (especially business ones) just 7 km from the Mohamed Boudiaf International Airport

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